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Leos Heart Cra Lvl 158 Nox
Beleza Cura Eniripsa Lvl 145 Nox
Melle Belle Enutrof Lvl 144 Nox
Princess Kaii Of Arawkia Sadida Lvl 132 Nox
Kaiixx Sadida Lvl 41 Nox

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By Kaixxx - 2016-06-12 03:34:34 in Haven Worlds
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Anybody know of when the next possible auction may be going on in NOX?
By Kaixxx - 2016-06-09 06:34:46 in Guilds
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Hey there!

Kingdom of Arawkia is recruiting any and all active members. Feel free to reply to this post or message me in game ( Princess Kaii ) if you are looking for a fun and friendly guild. We have a mixture of new players and vets! We are helpful, play together, friendly, and chatterboxes! There is always someone on to help you out! We look forward to seeing many of you in game! Thank you

-Princess Kaii
By Kaixxx - 2016-06-06 19:37:43 in Guilds
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I had posted this in the wrong server lol. Im still learning! But i have a guild that is looking for fun and active members! Here's what ya need to know

Name: Kingdom of Arawkia
GM: Princess Kaii, Prince Aborawk of Arawkia
Nation: Bonta

[[ We accept all. It doesn't matter what level, what class, what nation... We just want fun, friendly players to talk to and enjoy some game time with. There is 1 requirement (if you can call it that). We just ask that you complete your daily guild quests. This...