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Elio-Kira Eliotrope Lvl 62 Rubilax

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After starting to watch the animated series (again) recently and finishing up with Season 2 an odd thing came to my eye regarding when Qilby was actually imprisoned in the White Dimension. As he is confronting Phaeris and Yugo it is revealed that at least Yugo and Phaeris were aware of Qilby being responsible for the war with the Mechasms and the following exodus of the Eliatropes, and that they did in fact attack him while they were still on the Eliatrope homeworld, and imprisoned him in the White...
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Someone asked for a summary so I’ll have a shot at it....but it’s probably not gonna be very good since I’m not good at summarizing, I feel. It’ll leave a lot out anyway...
Introducing myself : Currently only playing an Elio on Remington, Level 45, at Nations Chapter 5 for the main quest, prefer ranged combat and/or portal games, and a playstyle allowing me to stay at range while having to think more than while playing a Cra, like professions more than in Dofus due to allowing diversity by...