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Not really sure if this is the entirely correct section for what I’m about to say but I wasn’t sure if it fit the Suggestion Box section either. Anyway.

First and foremost, this is my opinion. You do not have to agree with it. If you do not agree though, I’d be interested in knowing why, out of curiosity.

As the title indicates, this post is all about one specific Miner resource at Level 100 - Tin, specifically.

My issue with this resource, quite simply, is that there just aren’t enough...
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Because I'm not sure how to understand it that I can take over 1500 damage in one single turn after it has launched attacks on me a couple of times but whenever it attacks my sword it always deals around 290-400 damage. I would almost certainly have been able to beat it if not for the fact that it can dish out those ridiculous damage numbers suddenly when the guide I have read mentions nothing about the spell damage being influenced by how often the attack is used or how much HP the assassin has.

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So... I recently got my Eliotrope leveled to 157 and was looking for what equipment I could use for it, if I wanted to use all four elements. But now, I've been uncertain if that's actually a good idea since my damage potential seems underwhelming for that level range to say the very least.

So, my question is : How many elements is it viable to take for an Eliotrope until, if not including, Level 200? Personally, I prefer having more elements for more variety in playstyle but seeing that at least...