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By Kaiberis - 2008-08-02 21:11:54 in Typos and spelling mistakes
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I know the english version of Grass is spelled like so.. although I know theres other things like 'Wabbit' instead of 'Rabbit'

Its spelled Gras on all the other drops of it aswell.
By Kaiberis - 2008-07-09 05:34:09 in Suggestion Box
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Alright, heres a HUGE problem I have.

Im on Rosal, and for every Brakmarian theres around 40 Bontarian.
Yeah, Its not very equal. Out of about 40 fights I got 2 that were 1v1, and then they came back and tried to kill me with one of their friends. (I still won.)

Anyway, I saw a bontarian, he was standing on top of someone who was neutral, and I was aggressing to get my alignment up.
I misclicked on the neutral guy, and now I have a ONE dishonor point.

Now, Im wanting to level up in Bontarian Sewers,...