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I am leaving this post to let people know that there is a English community playing Dofus Retro on the server Clustus. Everyone is welcome to join the guild, and the only requirement is that you speak English. Our main guild base is made up of former 2.0 Dofus players that enjoy the grinding and leveling of Dofus Retro. We have all kinds of players ranging from solo players or dual accounts all the way to people playing 8 man teams.Our...
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Can we have any updates on what is going on behind the scenes for Dofus Retro? It's almost been 2 months and still haven't heard anything. Would love to know what's being worked on or what has been finished.

A complete side note, every day bots are getting worse and worse. Any time I log in I'm being spammed by 8 different bots and it's the same bots for weeks on end, that aren't getting removed. Would love to see some moderators just nuke these bots away.

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Currently me and a bunch of my friends have been playing a lot of Dofus retro since the new server releases. With the announcement of possible changes I'd like to share with everyone my thoughts on what I think should get added.

1. With the talk of server merges, I would love to see a designated or suggested server for English players to play on or transfer too. Since the release of the servers I have found that many English players are spread out amongst all of the servers and in some of the servers...