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Cra Lvl Omega 18 Echo
Sadida Lvl Omega 13 Ilyzaelle
Huppermage Lvl 62 Ilyzaelle
Osamodas Lvl 26 Ilyzaelle

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Can we have any updates on what is going on behind the scenes for Dofus Retro? It's almost been 2 months and still haven't heard anything. Would love to know what's being worked on or what has been finished.

A complete side note, every day bots are getting worse and worse. Any time I log in I'm being spammed by 8 different bots and it's the same bots for weeks on end, that aren't getting removed. Would love to see some moderators just nuke these bots away.

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Currently me and a bunch of my friends have been playing a lot of Dofus retro since the new server releases. With the announcement of possible changes I'd like to share with everyone my thoughts on what I think should get added.

1. With the talk of server merges, I would love to see a designated or suggested server for English players to play on or transfer too. Since the release of the servers I have found that many English players are spread out amongst all of the servers and in some of the servers...
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Currently in fights against Drowhirl, and they have infinite invisibility and we cannot detect them with any spells. Are they supposed to be able to cast a spell that increases their invisibility even when it's not his turn. Doesn't make any sense if he can run around gain mp and more invisibility when we go.