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Member since 2019-03-26


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Last login: 2019-09-19


Eniripsa Lvl 111 Echo
Dragon Riders Of Pern
Osamodas Lvl 88 Echo
Dragon Riders Of Pern
Huppermage Lvl 88 Echo
Dragon Riders Of Pern
Eliotrope Lvl 34 Echo
Dragon Riders Of Pern

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So, how can I turn in a ticket that the support site is not working?? I submitted a ticket, created a support site account, and received an email back from support today. But when I get to the login screen for the support site, it says at the top of the screen that cookies must be enabled (which they are) and to click on a link to enable them. I click on the link which opens a tab to Ankama's ZenDesk page, which just comes up as a blank screen. Back on the login page, when I put in my credentials,...
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Unfortunately, I fell for this phisher. I have screenshots of the website you go to, if that helps. It really looked like an actual Ankama webpage, even to being secure.