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Member since 2013-02-02


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Nachan Huppermage Lvl 107 Nox
Adniel Osamodas Lvl 103 Nox
King Stalfos Sram Lvl 61 Nox
Lance Hale Cra Lvl 40 Nox
Bombard Ed Rogue Lvl 13 Nox
Lord Auron Sacrier Lvl 11 Nox
Presbyter Enutrof Lvl 7 Nox

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By Justinc4se - 2016-04-06 23:34:13 in Feca
1 792
Hello. I am lvl 95 and i have been struggling to find decent tri gear after infernal. Im currently using the infernal helmet, cloak, boots, and chest-piece. My epaulets are Ice horn epaulets, my rings are the hood-fella ring and crooding. My amulet is Mussamulet, my weapon the thork hammer and my belt is the hurdy girdy. If there is a decent set please let me know, or must I pick up individual pieces here and there?