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Today around 3 o'clock I purchased a three month subscription. I logged in a few minutes later and saw that the bonus subscription items were added to my account so I put them on my main. However, it still listed me as in discovery mode. I thought that maybe it was a bug so I checked to see if I had any subscriber privileges but I didn't. I thought maybe it just takes more than the advertised five minutes so I waited an hour. Still no subscription. Waited a few hours. Still no subscription. I just...
By Justinc4se - 2019-08-09 09:58:42 in Feca
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I am a level 130 Int Feca and I was wondering what are the best pure int sets that I can use or should start saving up for?
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I haven't played Dofus in so long that I don't even know what this no spell point system is all about and all these new spells and class updates. I feel lost...