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Ala Fox Osamodas Lvl 159 Rubilax
True Thomas Feca Lvl 158 Rubilax
Marie Belle Ouginak Lvl 158 Rubilax
Back Stabbeth Sram Lvl 129 Rubilax
Pyrrha Nikos Huppermage Lvl 126 Rubilax
Lil Blue Piwi Eliotrope Lvl 124 Rubilax
That Mask Masqueraider Lvl 21 Rubilax
Papa Bob Enutrof Lvl 8 Pandora
Ginger Fecka Feca Lvl 5 Pandora
True Thomas Feca Lvl 4 Pandora
Ala Fox Osamodas Lvl 1 Pandora
Kinky Karla Masqueraider Lvl 1 Rubilax

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By JustD87 - 2017-01-18 13:27:33 in General Discussions
3 1129
Anyone else done this krazy krozword and found the code isn't working?

I've looked through and just can't see if I'm doing something wrong!
9 1730
When the PP/Wis cap came about we were told there would be a drop revamp, personally my biggest issue is that it doesn't matter how much this is brought up we've never heard any more about it.

The arenas were removed last year and we were told they would be revamped and added again, just like many other things we never heard anything about it ever again.

I've heard discussions in game claiming there will never be an improvement to drop rates and we were simply told there will be a revamp to pacify...