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Julo-The-Shieldbearer Feca Lvl 196 Remington
Majin'Julo Huppermage Lvl 187 Remington
Nawalony-Julo Pandawa Lvl 180 Remington
Julo Lord Of Fire Osamodas Lvl 175 Remington
Thordon Cra Lvl 163 Remington
Who-Planted-That Sadida Lvl 113 Remington
Pieski Julo Ouginak Lvl 6 Remington

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Iam planning sadida full healer support. Those are spells i think of:

- Wild Grass
- Bramble 
- Fertalizer
I think rooting enemys can be usefull in some fights thus Wild Grass. Giving armor to party member is nice so i dont know if i should choose one of those or get both. (Atm i have both but id like to loose one to make space for debuffing enemy damage.)

- Woodland Stench
- Sudden Chill
- Gust
- Poisoned?
I will use Harmless Toxinso Woodland Stench with ressitance buff and...
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I have done quests on my panda Ohwymi chain and Wabbits chain, then i added my new hupper to group and now those completed quests can't be hidden on my panda its irritating. Any1 knows how to hide them?

P.S. They are completed so there is no option to UN-track them in quest book
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While trying to access any of sites with Firefox browser this pops up 


From what i have checked chrome and opera doesn't seem affected.
Is there any chance for Ankama employee to check it up and answer me via this post or ankama box?