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By Julie-Suki - 2010-05-19 04:05:02 in Problems and solutions
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I have been using the Dofus Ladder a lot recently, both the Ranking and the Versus. I live in Europe so my general time is GMT+0/1. In the last couple days, I have slightly stayed later than usual, and I find difficulty in using the Ladder service. There is something wrong with it, as I try to search up people's names, and nothing happens. I have made the attempt to try using it day after day, and each time I realize the service stops working after midnight. Could it be that the database linked to...
By Julie-Suki - 2010-05-10 16:31:14 in Ogrines
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I know the Orgines are not quite out yet for the International Community, we don't really have our own EN version of it. I was just wondering, since I play on Server Solar and the migration date for Solar into 2.0 is on May 11 (tomorrow!! ^^) I just want to know whether the Orgines will become available.

A question about how the orgines work: Can I use already subscribed membership duration to exchange for Orgines/PCs to use the Orgines services?

Since its not quite out for the INT Community,...