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By Juledin - 2014-01-14 22:57:15 in General Discussion
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Two questions regarding home ownership in Dofus.

1. I have multiple characters on a server, one of which purchased a house. The house title says: "Juledin's House"

So, I know I can delete the other characters and the house remains Juledins, my Iops... but what if I delete Juledin, will the house belong to one of my other characters or will I lose it?

2. The same question is in regards to another server, where I have 2 characters. I wish to move one character from said server to Solar with my...
By Juledin - 2011-09-08 06:03:52 in Problems and solutions
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On Solar, my guilds perceptor was placed at [0,-18] Astrub Fields.
The guild claims the perc is still there carrying 3 pods - yet when I go there or any of my guild goes there, it cant be seen and therefore picked up. Nor when we fight there does the perc get any drops.

It's not hiding, it's not behind a tree... it doesnt exist. Yet we cant place one anywhere else in Astrub fields because according to the guild the perc is still there at [0,-18] ... when it clearly isn't. Nor is it being attack,...