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Looking for 37mk obo [email protected] uimh-siochana stats as follows 3 crit res 200 vit 58 cha 19 water dmg 14 fire res 1 summon 1 ap, my market is in the ankama merchant square

i have no life so i'm on quite often but feel free to ankabox me.
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As far as customization goes I ABSOLUTELY love my toons to both look awesome and have matching colorschemes which both mini symics and living items partially covers, but what about our pets/ mounts/ pets mounts? sure some are cammo BUT WHAT ELSE!

Why can't we make our mounts and pets wear cute or cool or EVIL looking costumes, why can't we give them the appearance of other pets for pvp purposes etc. KWYNESS looks like a certified thug baller and i want all my mounts to look like that..

So why...