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i dont know if this suggestion have been suggested before but we (str chars) really need this imean instead of wasting 2 of my prescious trophy slots on only 12 dmg i can just spend one ............ and one more suggestion make one or two special class slots where u can equip only ur special class power for example xelors can equip ap red trophy in it , enu/cra can equip mp red trphys , enis can equip heals trophys , masks can equip pb dmg trophys , fecas can equip res trophys and u complete the...
By Jozef96 - 2014-03-14 09:50:14 in Suggestion Box
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everyone know almanax and thier bonus to xp/loots so why not make extra almanax bonus which is class buff like increase the chance of removing ap by 10 % so its not that high but still a buff and not only xelors can benefit from it cras/enis/fecas and ofc xelors thats one or increase the the damage reduced by shields fecas and xelors and enis can use it so its something.....and i cant think of anything else maybe increase the range boosts spells by one ?enis/cras can buff thier range .
and also...
By Jozef96 - 2014-01-13 17:43:24 in Suggestion Box
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hi i want to talk about ap/mp/range stealing and how they should be limited.
my idea goes the amount of stealing must be equal to the maximum amount of point to that characteristics given by equipment what i mean is the maximum amount of ap equipment can give is 5 ap so a person can steal 5 ap only the maximum range equipments can boost is 4 so bat's eye should be -4 ra only cuz 6 range is alot really alot and ofc 3 mp can be stolen by a charachter cuz its true iam an xelor scrolled wis and i have...