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By Joohnnny - 2015-09-16 09:24:03 in Beta Test Server
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I just got dc'd from my kolo at the beta server and when I tried logging on it said it was going under maintenance.

Did anyone else get this?
By Joohnnny - 2014-11-09 02:55:34 in Suggestion Box
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Being an osa for a few years now, I know osas are already awesome...but lets face it...some of their summons are nearly useless at EG levels. For most classes, as you approach your EG levels, you spells become more developed as well and become very handy. However, for you approach your EG level...tofus, gobs and bworks just become more useless.
TofusAdvantages : Lots of MP for ranged damage, Only summon with agi damage, Reduces the agi of enemies Problems: Low Vit, Low Damage, Weak Agi...
By Joohnnny - 2014-11-05 05:27:49 in Suggestion Box
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My Intro (scroll down to skip): When I first started playing dofus about 6 years ago I fell in love (or grew addiction) for dofus. One of the amazing things about dofus that had me day dreaming in class (instead of paying attention to the lecture) is the idea that when an enemy dares to attack you, he will only be shocked to know he will be receiving a portion of the damage reflected to him. Unfortunately, I was only able to experience dofus for a mere 6 months before losing access to dofus for years...