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Member since 2018-05-09


Does it start with a big bang!?
Status : Former subscriber
Last login: 2019-08-23


Jonturk Rogue Lvl 194 Remington
Jon Shadow Eliotrope Lvl 166 Remington
Jon Cheer Pandawa Lvl 163 Remington
Majona Masqueraider Lvl 163 Remington
Skelejon Sram Lvl 156 Remington

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my idea is including scope passive with reverse mentality of rogue master? 
1 Range
-Performing 1 Connection generates 1 Earth Armor

-Barbed fire can heal only bombs not "rogue"
-This passive must be swapped evolved gadget for under 95 lv.
1 250
Well, i am out of the game till next updates cause of bugs.
Dungeon bugs and mobs mechanics and fast timing are already annoying and plus perma death and pauseless game mode and server kicks made this game completely unplayable in dungeons if you are solo with uselesss sidekicks. server mostly will kick you at boss room evven your conection is stabil before boss room you never be kicked.
i exploded myself billion times with my bombs by single detonation on mobs because of these sprite bugs.
i can...
By JonTurk - 2019-08-10 17:07:52 in Technical Issues
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couldnt access game or post a topic in site after login.