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Mhmm... I’m sure that’s the case. *The sacrier nodded knowingly*

*He ran his index finger along the railing of the stairs to the second floor as a large amount of dust accumulated enough to cover his whole finger, he blew away the dust bunny as its scattered remains laid with the rest of the unclean floor below*

I don’t think the old girl has anything left in her. Sure I could fix the machine again and again but realistically it’s ancient magic we’re constantly dealing with. Our constant...
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Yes, you look much more traveled than when we last met, that’s true. Don’t worry, in the past you used to scare me then I realised you’re actually nice when it came to your friends and getting out of trouble. Then again, trouble has a way of finding us when we come back here so I’m sure it won’t be long until this peaceful conversation of ours will be interrupted soon enough.

*The sacrier glanced up before he grabbed his friend by the waist, picked her up with ease and twirled her down...
15334 415303
*The sacrier was at a loss for words, it had felt like years since their last meeting and yet there she stood. His whole body froze at the sight of her and all he could muster was a quiet chuckle before he could say something*

M-Miss Varia? When did you ge-ack! *He stuttered out his first words and then subsequently bit his tongue*

*He winced slightly from the pain, enough to snap him out and regain his composure*

*The sacrier examined her, still overflowing in charisma and still larger than life....