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By JohnyWes - 2018-07-03 23:24:13 in General Discussion
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As much as I love animation on most of the new foil cards I have 3 problems with them.
1. Border of every non infinite foil card is the same. They're all gold. When I look at my collection of foil cards, they all look like some feca or enutrof cards... Please, add some diversity in colors.
2. In-game models of infinite cards are just ugly! I don't mind that golden thing under them, but making characters more golden looks simply bad. Thanks to that I don't want to use my foil cards. It's just unpleasent...
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As the title. Enemies took only 1 dmg from seeds while Dogwood Soldier was in play. It worked fine, untill enemy silenced joris behind my dogwood soldier and it worked like both of them was silenced (and she wasn't silenced). Sorry, forgot to take screenshot