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Enutrof Lvl Omega 133 Echo
Iop Lvl 199 Echo
Enutrof Lvl 113 Ilyzaelle
Pandawa Lvl 49 Oto-Mustam
Cra Lvl 24 Oto-Mustam

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So for the last few days I've had a glitch where I couldn't see my pets, I tried fixing it by clearing the cache, reinstalling the game and so on.

However I found today that I had a status effect: Aperirel curse. 

The curse is supposed to replace your cape with a snapper, however it hadn't actually worked and all that happened was my pet disappeared (hence why I never noticed the curse to begin with). The curse can be removed by simply fighting enemies until the 3 fight duration expires. For more...
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Thanks for taking the time to look at our recruitment page, you can get in-touch with us here if you are interested in joining the guild. INTRODUCTION
Veritas is a close-knit community that was created on Shika back in 2015, we have come a long way since then, reaching max guild level, as well as making strides with our own personal accounts.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to helping newer players, and as such we have no level requirement to join. One thing to note is that this guild is...
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Okay, so I feel like I have to address this issue. I like to think of myself as a friendly player who will go out of his way to help new players. Unfortunately, I have been giving out bad advice, and I'm not the only one. 

A question that I get asked a lot is "How can I make kamas?". My answer would always be "try learning a profession - gathering ones are good for new players". I realise now that my answer was just an easy way out for me, and I had never even looked at the market to see how much...