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Opalis Rogue Lvl 205 Nox
Luria Sadida Lvl 203 Nox
Blazelle Pandawa Lvl 202 Nox
Replika Feca Lvl 181 Nox
Phazier Eniripsa Lvl 177 Nox
Korelei Eliotrope Lvl 135 Nox
Garnette Masqueraider Lvl 70 Remington
Lazul Sram Lvl 70 Remington
Opalis Cra Lvl 70 Remington
Uripri Huppermage Lvl 38 Remington

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By Joelanii - 2020-09-11 10:42:45 in Community Events
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Hi hi~!
To celebrate the beginning of Fall, I will be holding a small auction this Saturday at 5pm PST (8pm EST) located in my haven bag which will be sitting in Astrub plaza.

If you’re interested in participating please PM me on my discord Opalis#3964 or in-game. All you need to provide is your in-game name and item(s) with a starting bid price. More details are provided on this spreadsheet: Auction Sheet

Once the auction begins I will no longer accept items to sell. 
Buyers are free to...