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I stopped playing 2 months ago because i was unable to log my accounts due to some sort of server problems.
I started playing again yesterday, i was logging in fine, and had no lag. suddenly about 30 minutes ago, i was relogging my characters, and boom, back to Log In Hang Ups, none of my accounts will log on now.

Please help.... I was very excited about being able to finally play DOFUS again... and now i cant, again. But i am glad i only purchased 1 week on my 8 accounts , instead of 3 months or...
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I was surprised to have a 3GB update awaiting me this morning. I got excited that maybe the Login issues and unrecorded lag got taken care of. (game lag+ not responding, but ping stays fine.) But I can not find any information on what this update is about. Please enlighten me.