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By Jimmyjimmy - 2018-08-03 07:12:52 in Ilyzaelle
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We are the fastest growing English speaking guild on the server, populated with a good mix of first time and returning, medium and high level players. Our guild has, in the short time since I obtained it, exceeded all expectations, passed average level 100, and supported countless players growth into mid-game. Recruitment for the guild is at this stage mostly something that happens between members and their friends, but with Temporis arriving next week, I thought this might be a...
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So the requirement to perfectly plan your character before you have ever experienced the game Dofus has largely been lifted; you no longer have to select the perfect 3 professions, you don't have to get your characteristics right on level 2 to avoid ruining your endgame, you can scroll without buying enough to scroll every stat to 100. These are fantastic changes which bring this game almost to the level of *playable* for new players not being tutored by the experienced.

Only problem is professions....