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By Jhinxo - 2017-09-02 13:43:28 in The Animated Series
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Where's season 3? Supposed to be out already.
By Jhinxo - 2017-06-22 23:25:17 in General Discussions
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Just trying to get a feel of how the loot system and gear in the game is, what is the best gear and weapons in the game, or is it just based on preference? And how much is each piece worth? 
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If you can't already tell by the title, I've recently just found out about Ankama, their games, animes, etc. When I first stumbled upon Ankama (two days ago), I really liked the designs and how everything looked. I'm a veteran MMORPG gamer, and I loved the idea of playing an MMORPG based off a show/anime. Before getting any of the games, I decieded to watch Wakfu (english dub), and i'm currently on episode 20 of season 1. I'm absolutely loving the show, and I before I start playing, I want...