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Kayjames Cra Lvl 110 Remington

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Title. Or does anyone know either of these things at present?
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I have a level 42 Cra, I am currently in a guild but I get bored of soloing all the time, I do not see the point of constantly doing the guild point missions when I am not having people from the guild help me do the missions.

I don't have friends in game and I seem to only do dungeons either on my own or with immediate, cobbled together parties that do one or two dungeons then disband with the participants never to be seen again.

I don't blame my guild as it may just be that people are not really...
By Jhamur - 2017-08-13 16:39:10 in Trade
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handyman lvl 40

polisher @ 90,000

if you want to sell either reply to this post, pm Kayjames in game, or simply put the items on the astrub market at the prices stated