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I have an amulet (Nevark's Amulet) and two rings (AP maged Head Band and AP maged Broucey Ring) that all add +1 AP plus a 3 item set (Broucey Set) that adds +1 AP as a complete set, this should give me 11 AP total but it only gives me 10 AP total, if I remove one of the +AP rings it does not change. Anybody know why? 


*Note - 11AP isn't that important to me, but I was going to add one more AP item to make 12 AP set...
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I have 197 str iop and 15x int cra, typically I play with my friend that has 18x eni and 14x enu. I am very busy so I don't usually have more than an hour or two at a time to play. I'm wondering if farming frig mobs (pirates/steam cracklers) is the fastest xp for me or if there are any quick dungeons that anyone would suggest? There are also some times that I have several hours to play so longer dungeons are okay too, but typically during the week I have limited time. 

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So I haven't played in about 4 years, I have a 196 str iop. Obviously a lot has changed since the last time I played. Looking for opinions on the best iop builds after this last big update. Do I stay str main or switch to int or agi? I have played all 3 but that was before all the more recent changes. I am mainly PvM player. 

Any advice or opinions would be appreciated!