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I don’t mind the Rallying, but the way it is executed is a bit broken. I think Fecas being rallied should only make it to the halfway line and not pass it, if another Feca is on their enemy Dofus they’ve basically won the game since they can both shield and buff in the same turn, as well as being rallied. No one else see’s the problem here? Nerf it just a little, it’s frustrating having to deal with Rallying, shields and buffs all in one turn!
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I like Krosmaga, I really do, but I have noticed everyone I fight especially in drafts waits until the timer has like 2 seconds left the press the “End turn” button to their time on the next round is not shortened. This especially takes away from the game as it makes it very frustrating having to wait that log every single turn, I would really like it if The Devs can do something about this.
Some of you may say “‘Maybe they’re strategizing how to play” I would understand that except...
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Like the title said, I dont think Fecas should not get a ''Free Pass'' beyond the enemy line once another abled Feca has crossed it, this is plain ridiculous, and on top of that when a feca Rally's he also gets a shield, HOW Ankama?? I find it a trend that there's ALWAYS an element of broken gameplay be it Dofus, Wakfu and now Krosmaga. get it together, that thing needs a nerf.