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Just hopped back into the game after a long, long hiatus, and I've noticed my 101 scrolled Intelligence has been removed from my Foggernaut, and my Characteristic Points returned. From what I'm finding thus far, scrolled stats have been made to only be able to reach 100 instead of 101, now, but I can't find anything beyond that just yet. Could anyone catch me up on what's happened? Is it okay to pump my Characteristic Points back into Intelligence without being scrolled up, first?

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By JebinZedalu - 2012-12-19 21:28:11 in Suggestion Box
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I love the paddock filters to death, they make things a lot more convenient. However, one thing that gets a little repetitive is setting them up at each paddock!

It'd be nice if each individual paddock could save the filters you last used there, so it'd automatically display only the dragoturkeys you would consider putting into that particular paddock.