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By JebinZedalu - 2019-10-28 23:47:51 in Suggestion Box
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With Water having been removed from NPC vendors so that it can only gotten as (uncommon) drops from select monsters, professions like Alchemist and Hunter are a nightmare. ._. Why did this have to happen? T_T End our sufferiiing...
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I've hit the 5-character limit, and would quite like to make more, but I can't find any options to add more character slots. I suppose it'd be possible to make another account, but I like the convenience of logging in automatically, and the substantial experience boost to lower-level characters.
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It's hard to gauge whether or not Dofus Touch will ever receive updates that have hit the PC version of Dofus, primarily the class reworks. I absolutely adore the modern Sadida, and would love to use that in Touch, but I can't determine whether or not that will ever happen. I don't suppose anyone has found any snippets of information one way or the other, or if any past Touch updates have included modifications on that scale before?