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Pepehands Rogue Lvl 175 Rubilax
Elwope Enutrof Lvl 149 Rubilax
Asgore-Dreemurr Pandawa Lvl 146 Rubilax
Jasqui Eliotrope Lvl 127 Rubilax
Uwabami Breakers Pandawa Lvl 120 Rubilax
Securexa Enutrof Lvl 120 Rubilax
Toyosatomimi Cra Lvl 119 Rubilax
Ground Color Is Yellow Masqueraider Lvl 89 Rubilax
Lalokra Cra Lvl 83 Rubilax
Purind Eniripsa Lvl 31 Rubilax

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By [Ankama]WAKFU - 2020-08-18 16:45:00 in News
29 1213
Rogue changes finally... Not too optimistic about those changes but let's see how it goes!

Also wanted to mention that I didn't get my characters in beta like I usually get. I had to create a new character and I was forced into the tutorial! Any idea why this happened?
30 1189
I would trade damage, that I may never be able to deal, for actually being able to deal damage in my turns any day.
30 1189
I would love so much to have more positioning options for enemies besides boombot (and mass attract). It can be like dofus rogue's kick or magnet, it doesn't have to be that polarizing, I just want to be able to move enemies a bit sometimes. It's not like we are going to substitute pandas or anything...

I also kinda agree with having bombs as bar 3. If not, at least have boombot (this one feels like way too obligatory so it fits the bar 3 idea) and/or powder wall.