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Okay, so the boss does 6 mass damage AOE, spams the board with 3 minions in one turn, and then when I play a 7 mana tank and another minion he silences it in order to make it useless.

what the heck strategy is supposed to do anything against this?

Oh yeah I build another board and he does another 6 aoe damage so... I just don't get this...

as currently free to play player I don't think I should be feeding my 15 gold into this dungeon instead of the infinites...
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^^ Title - it's nothing but spooky music in every map now and even the title screen! Plz fix!!!
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Usually you end up get 5xp for dropping an Infinite, the highest xp I've gotten I think is 17 when I was able to drop one infinite twice and also walk it all the way to the dofus in order to destroy it. That rarely happens.

You guys seemed to have balanced the xp without assuming that you were going to be releasing MORE Infinites in the future. Because if you guys do release new ones, free to play players will NEVER EVER EVER be able to level their favorite Infinites.

I think you are going about...