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Jaidah Lazette Eliotrope Lvl 73 Remington
Jamarcel Feca Lvl 33 Nox
Nix Leroux Masqueraider Lvl 31 Nox
Tyrus Stallone Sacrier Lvl 31 Remington
Taka Boonce Osamodas Lvl 26 Remington
N'Tak Sadida Lvl 9 Nox
Ratchet Dewitt Foggernaut Lvl 8 Nox
Cain Boonce Osamodas Lvl 8 Remington
Vecy Boonce Ecaflip Lvl 7 Remington

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I've been playing on the Remington server with a level 31 character, mostly out of hope of meeting other players from other countries, but almost everywhere I go, there's hardly any players. And most of the time, the few players there are, they only want to PvP me so they can wreck me with their sidekicks and then walk away without saying anything to me at all.

I'm starting to think I should have just played on Nox from the jump. Now I have to spend money to transfer my main to the Nox server.
14 1061
I want to make playing an Osamodas more interesting, even though I'm already having a lot of fun with it. So, even though someone has most likely done it already, I want to begin making a bestiary of every mob I encounter and catch. The catch: is that I make a sketch of the mob.

When I have the time, I want to play as my Osamodas, and in a little sketchbook, write down the abilities and stats of every mob I catch along the way. I figured it would make the game a lot more interesting and fun, and...