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Fidefa Osamodas Lvl 219 Rubilax
Fidebers Masqueraider Lvl 219 Rubilax
Afidefah Pandawa Lvl 219 Rubilax
Berwa Eliotrope Lvl 216 Rubilax
Fidefatome'Zz Sadida Lvl 215 Rubilax
Kentskidefa Cra Lvl 215 Rubilax
Aze Embrasser Desk Pandawa Lvl 215 Rubilax
Fiteva Cra Lvl 208 Rubilax
Ritoudefa Sadida Lvl 201 Rubilax
Bekolos Feca Lvl 20 Pandora
Fidef'Aegis Feca Lvl 14 Rubilax
Fidefurry Ecaflip Lvl 14 Rubilax
Fidef'Assassin Sram Lvl 14 Rubilax
Rumoke Enutrof Lvl 9 Pandora
Boufrog Sacrier Lvl 6 Pandora

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By Jakkub - 2020-07-19 13:16:06 in Guides
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Hello guys! Im here to post the sf guide i made a while back, it may not be 100% correct, but should cover most of the important details, if i missed something, let me know in the comments and i'll try to edit it.
Here it goes:
>phase 1 
you need to hit her from back 4 times, to take down her immunity, if you don't do atleast 30k dmg in 3 turns, your team is insta-killed, unless you're illuminated (will explain what it is later)
she phase changes at 80% hp, can only phase change her by hitting...
By Jakkub - 2020-04-10 19:36:47 in Combat Strategy
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Is it intended that the boss of that dungeon suddenly became more intelligent?
Even while showing my tank's back it goes for every single other character making it pretty much impossible for me to do it on 3 stele with the 3 lava lines. Didn't face this problem before, i usually would just show my tank's back and it would go smoothly from there on, but when boss goes for my eniripsa or sram dealing 15k and surrounding it with lava it's just impossible. I tried everything to stop the boss from kicking...