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Jaiice Eniripsa Lvl 180 Nox
Akalabeth Feca Lvl 123 Nox
Exodous Cra Lvl 122 Nox

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By Jaiice - 2016-02-03 20:04:41 in General Discussions
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So I login for the first time in several months to discover every single piece of unlinked gear is gone from my character. Awesome stuff Ankama, this in no way surprises me.

Jaiice-Level 161 Eni Nox.
By Jaiice - 2015-08-31 16:34:57 in Suggestions
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I find most of the emblems unappealing, but my Main is an eni, and the eni emble is easily one of the worst. I really don't like wearing costumes in the first place, but to hide the hideous Eni emblem, I'm forced to use a costume. I'd really rather be able to just see my gear.

TLR Please enable a toggle option for emblems on appearance. Thanks
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so I was thinking about buying some ogrines, except the values are in completely different currencies (some are in czech, some in pounds) lol. Someone should probably take a look at the site. I'm afraid to buy any now =D

So I decided to take the risk and buy some ogrines, except now I cannot get past "your billing address". The country cannot be changed, and once I accept the changes, it just reloads back to the same page. You are losing money ankama =)

Tis a sad day when one cannot start off the...