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Pouch, pouch, pouch, more candies for sharing~
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Eotusk Enutrof Lvl 199 Phaeris
O'Dime Xelor Lvl 154 Phaeris
Syuguart Feca Lvl 126 Phaeris
Ledafosage Osamodas Lvl 103 Phaeris
Eotusk Enutrof Lvl 10 Remington
Leaf O'Sage Sadida Lvl 9 Phaeris

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By JSky - 2019-12-28 08:11:45 in Technical Issues
1 134
Kindly inform that the information in Encyclopedia and in-game real drops are incorrect for both Grizzled Auburn Boowerewolf and Mulligan the Discarded. Their loot table seen been swapped. Kindly check which is real fact? 
1 114
Notice that the special offer in Wakfu launcher and only in Shop website itself (there is no announce neither in News or Forum), and when I click it show like below... Just wonder why?
10 676
Any idea how to obtain this Mayor Cantile's Medal , Herr Peece's Gloves and Lou Bricante's Jacket in current 1.64 patch. There are no existing Chillberg Frigost mobs or environment quest mobs whereby can drops these anymore long long ago. So there is no way to get another copy for reroll socket or if you want to complete the side quest.