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My friend lvl 180 and 199 can't access any of the Pinki Crater rooms. I have spoken to others in game and none have had this problem. Any Ideas?
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I want to run G & G with my friend who has two character lvl 180 and 199, but when he tries to go inside he cant go to the tired pinki crater. He doesn't get a message or anything it just won't let him in.

I realize now that i put this in the wrong area..... I'm gonna repost in problems and solutions.
By JCOLEROCNATION - 2013-06-28 23:25:39 in General Class Discussion
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How should I go about hunting these monsters and their instakill? I tried to scope one out on my masq, knowing I need 30 shells and I died before I got a turn. What should I do?