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By Ippy - 2016-09-03 04:31:39 in Markets of Rushu
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PM Protein or Proteinsynthesis
By Ippy - 2016-07-12 09:20:57 in Rogue
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I know it can change depending on what you are fighting but I'm curious to what people us for when they exp grind in groups as a rogue.
508 seems to be the standard these days but it was an absolute nightmare. Bombs are counted as allies and therefore heal enemies and create invulnerable glyphs. Also being 508 you will have no hp so bombs will get one shot. Payo isn't an option either..

Need some suggestions for a good setup to use!
Currently using Dynamo+GreatDynamo+MajorDynamo+Dagob+MinorDagob+Ultram....
By Ippy - 2016-07-07 09:57:09 in Ecaflip
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Hello! I've been sinking some serious time into dofus planner trying to come up with some builds.
I was wondering what would your ideal set be and what do you think of this current one i have in mind.

Focusing more on Str/Int/Cha as i'd be using those elements more and agi would be more for roulette roles/help deal with heals.

I'd imagine Rekop would hit like a truck.

I do like to PvM/PvP so I don't really have a particular focus on either.

-Edit- removed link for now