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Magandang buhay mga filos!

Guild Level: 10
HW Buildings: All necessary buildings that give buff were completed.

We are a Pinoy guild with almost more than 10 active members now lol. We are trying to revive this one.

If you are new or old or just chilling. You are very welcome.

Reply to this thread sa gusto sumali or ping me on Discord (iorek#6656).

Mas madami, mas magulo! Salamuch!
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Previous title: Updater says 100% but keeps downloading files.

I was going to update to 1.57 and it went well, first update. If I'm not mistaken, it was only 60MB+ of update, no? So I leave it there and when I checked the updater it's downloading 1GB of files. It's like I'm downloading the whole game again. Fix this? Do I need to reinstall? Or just edit some file?
Additional Information:I'm using Ubuntu 17.10.

Well, I guess it downloaded the 1.26GB of files. After that PLAY button appeared....