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Just came back recently because I heard about the whole spell rework thingy and I wanted to prepare my team in advance to try out the update

Level 200 main character with level 199/153/141/134 characters

Been trying to find a guild for a few hours and haven't gotten anywhere, everyone I have /whois has been offline, it's been like 100 characters or so, all offline. So either I'm trying to join inactive guilds or it's the wrong part of the day, I don't know.

Don't really care what guild I join...
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Basically, my updater is on version 2.17.2748.
So it updates to 2.18 as per usual
I play dofus a little bit, then log off and close the updater and so on.
If I close the updater and reopen it later, the updater goes back to 2.17.2748 and wants to redownload the whole 2.18 update again which seems to be around 600mB or so.
It's done that 3 times today

Please someone find a solution, this is driving me crazy

~ Strike