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Alpha Centauri
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I opened the Ankama Launcher earlier today, intending to quickly log in for a few minutes while enjoying my morning coffee.

When I clicked to launch the game, the Ankama Updater shut down completely, unpinned itself from the taskbar, and then upon reopening only gave me an option to Install Dofus. The game is still installed to the default directory, and I have done nothing whatsoever to the Ankama Launcher's settings to possibly cause the game to uninstall, or for the Ankama Launcher to basically...
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I'm not quite sure what was done to this spell after the 12/19 maintenance, but it feels more unreliable than before. For a given arrangement of enemies, sometimes the spell won't bounce to the next target. But then, for identical arrangement of enemies on a different turn, the spell *will* bounce to the next target. I can't reliably reproduce this, it just happens.

I have the most issues when a summon is part of the equation, allied and enemy alike. Tactical Beacon can fail bounces, if that matters....
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Pretty straightforward. When reinstalling, migrating to the Steam client, getting a new computer, or what have you, we should be able to export our settings from the old client and import them into the new.

The ideal feature would allow for all Options menu settings, ESPECIALLY hotkeys, the URL to your custom theme, and all custom interface settings to be exported to a file or .zip archive. In turn, the interface that allows the export should allow you to "Browse" for the file and import it all.