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I have this as well (11th December 2019)
All was well yesterday, updated last night, now just a black snapshot screen. (Samsung phone).
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It's an odd problem.
Xelor's need to save up 10ap in reserve just for a chance of popping 1 dofu with a 20 ap spell, by contrast in one turn I had a Sadida pop 3 of my dofus with no prep or any obvious hint that it was coming.

A one turn kill isn't inherently a broken concept, but with no way to feel it coming, or, even if you just assumed it was, no way to counter it or lessens effects at all... well... that just comes down to pure rng of can they draw what they need first, and if that's the case...
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Nerfing the AP generation on the Xelor spells feels unpleasant.
It's tricky to get Xelors up to a competitive speed before the fast playing Gods wipe them off the board.
I understand the will to encourage more diverse card play, but dropping the "gain 5 AP in reserve" to 4 AP means I now have to work harder to trigger the spells like HAND, so feel no desire to play EITHER the AP gain or AP required spells...
I liked the puzzle Xelors offered of how to get charged up before you got wiped out... now...