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Innocentsins Eniripsa Lvl 174 Rubilax
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Forgottensins Cra Lvl 28 Rubilax
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For a while now something felt off...

Theres been a few changes to Eni: You cant cast Here mark on enemies in UR mode (probably other marks are affected also) anymore, SCorney has less WP.

Why are these changes mentioned no where? 
Anyone notice any other changes that werent documented? If the admins dont want to give us honest changelogs i suppose we need to get at it ourselfes... 
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Really? I mean really?

How about you actually fix the bug and not just disable the items that vanish when placed in the box from being put into them?

Im disappointed to say the least, most of the ressources i had in there are now in my main inventory while the trapper box ends up almost empty because i cant put the stuff i used to have in there in anymore.
Makes me question whats the point of the Trapper box now, if i cant put trapper items into them, what is it good for?

This better be only a...