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Activity on the Russian server dropped. And you know why? Because ankama change the policy for other countries. Before 3 months subscription stable cost 500 rubles. Now 1000 rubles. Are you serious? Yes, none of us wants to play when in rubles can not buy anything. Neither Ogryns or subscription. At least pay with Yandex purse-that is added ... there are no words, how can you?
By Infoglas - 2014-05-19 12:28:00 in Subscription and payment
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Good day. If I'm the owner of the card, but are specified in to account other information, the payment is not made, and I will block? Tried to pay for the card, I was refused. A legitimate that you have read access to information on who is registered card? Why the phone can only be paid a weekly subscription? It is a pity that you can not pay electronic purse napyarmuyu. such security measures significantly reduce the potential players.