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By ImaKitteh - 2012-11-11 08:34:29 in Sadida
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So I know the main leveling spot for damage sadidas quite a while back were the sewer rats... Shaman AI got changed blah blah blah... EQ gets nerfed... Sylvan power get's nerfed in duration but buffed slightly in the fact that it wears off at the beginning of your turn... My question is simple: Are they viable still? Even when Sylvan Power runs out in the very small **2 turns** can we survive and win? I have a few higher leveled characters but right now I'm trying a Sadida. The damage build isn't...
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So, I'm going to make one of those level 20-30 PvP prodigies you sometimes see in the OM Wa Wabbit set, with rank 6+. I was wondering if I should make an... Osa, Iop, Enutrof or Sadi. Osa because... it's an Osa. It doesn't really lack anything by having that much vit/lack of int.
Iop because of it's large damage boost to things like leek pie, strong up close attack in concentration and jump for moving around. Enu for the huge range of coins throwing, living bag, etc. Sadidas...I just like. Sacrificial...