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Member since 2017-09-08


Nada pra ver aqui, continue procurando.
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Last login: 2019-07-20


Muttanno Osamodas Lvl 183 Efrim
Trespordez Sacrier Lvl 173 Efrim
Maria Del Barrio Sadida Lvl 172 Efrim
Do Escudo Feca Lvl 140 Efrim
Yosano Akiko Eniripsa Lvl 139 Efrim
Sopa De Macaco Osamodas Lvl 35 Remington

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By DaCrost - 2017-07-29 10:50:19 in Guides
11 4534
I'm actually playing it on Lubuntu 18.10 without any problems. My problems with lag? None. I can even play the game alongside Discord without any problems! Like Chetar said, you'll need those packages to actually play the game. So... do some search.

Good luck!