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By ImFellingAlonne - 2016-07-23 17:57:11 in Suggestion Box
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Adding new content for level 200 players is very important since they are a growing part of dofus community.

My suggestion: make level 7 spells available on character level 201.
- Level 7 spells will be a little bit better, can be more range by 1, a little bit more damage...
- To improve a spell to level 7 a player will have to finish a quest. That quest will allow 1 more spell level 7 each time completed and will have a limit (3?)
- To level up from 6 to 7 a spell will be needed 100 spell points....
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We all know multiman make battle exp go down
We all know they are useless 99% of time and groups will never use them for more exp

My suggestion:

Give multiman (the paid multiman form ogrines shop) to have 100pp to drop resources.
They will reduce battle exp, but giving 100pp to them will surelly have 2 effects: make them good for people that go drop hunt and will increase the number of ogrines multiman/sidekick being sold and used, so its all good for everyone.
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Hello, Im curious how to beat nileza dungeon.
I got an Int Osa 199 (12 Ap 5 Mp), chance enutrof 199 (12 Ap 5 Mp).
My brother got an agi xelor (that uses combo to explode syncro)

what should I do?
On turn 3 release pushback and then combo on nileza for almost 4000 damage?
It will have 9000 vit left. Osa lacks mobility to hit nileza from close combat at will and enutrof can accelarate but wont deal much damage in close combat.

My question is:
What should I do?

A: Use a mask (for shields and to...