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Too-Spookie Sram Lvl 195 Nox
Ithaithl Ouginak Lvl 193 Nox
Samori Sacrier Lvl 190 Nox
Self Loathing Masqueraider Lvl 57 Remington
Ikassa Osamodas Lvl 57 Remington
Yittade Cra Lvl 57 Remington
Bottel Enutrof Lvl 46 Remington
Warband Pandawa Lvl 42 Remington
Self Loathing Cra Lvl 17 Nox
Illyos Osamodas Lvl 12 Nox

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By IllyostheDragon - 2017-11-28 07:25:55 in Fan Art
5 1643
Wasn't entirely sure where to post this but i wanted to share. Seems very foreboding. 

By IllyostheDragon - 2017-10-17 10:01:37 in Technical Issues
7 538
get the over here and unban my account. This is not okay, I don't see how i got banned when there is a goddamn bot called Puremy infront of pappy's spamming 24/7 and I'm clearly in a duel playing on my account. I have authenticator too. so fix this. 

Ticket number #202531