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Member since 2012-01-06


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Last login: 2019-05-05


Huppermage Lvl 61 Ilyzaelle
Osamodas Lvl 44 Ilyzaelle

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About a week ago I purchased the Adventure pack on steam found here. 

After some back and forth with Akama support, it took me about 3 days to recieve said items which is really no big deal. All of the items where as described in the steam pack, minus the Cube pet.

Description for the cube pet: 

- Cube Pet: Some claim it's a magical item and not a pet at all. But don't fall into that trap! After all, who are we to say that it has no beating heart or soul? Well, ok, I suppose that ticking sound...
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Hey guys, I purchased the Adventure pack on steam and haven't gotten anything in-game or in the pending gifts section. 

Is there a special way to redeem these items or is it broken? 

Also if a dev sees this I have a ticket open: REQUEST #2327258

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Hey guys,

I've been trying all morning to connect to the game but I keep getting this: 

Anyone have a solution?

Edit: Just realized this is in the wrong forum section, sorry.