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Jenny Taylia Osamodas Lvl 54 Remington
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Long Dong Pandawa Lvl 25 Remington
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By IlegalCoder - 2018-02-14 21:44:32 in Guilds
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Good morning, evening or any other time of day or night you're reading this.
Looking for a guild?
If so then that's great because we're looking for members to join!

What do you have to do as a member?
Just accept the three daily tasks which are always the same:
Defeat 10 monsters.
Craft 10 items.
Defeat a dungeon boss.

Also if you want to, you can help with recruiting which might give you more benefits.

What do you get?
The guild benefits I'll buy for the guild points you help earning.
Also I'll...
By IlegalCoder - 2017-09-07 20:37:42 in Technical Issues
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I think I made the worst decision when choosing sufokia as my nation.
Once I went there by a boat I couldn't see anything else than the characters, enemies and the boat wheel.
The rest was just black. I also couldn't move.
All the other nations are totally ok. I thought I could just join a different nation but then I found out it would not be that easy. The bug should be fixed soon because I can't do any of the quests since they're all about the nation.