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Regardless of your current location, I'm curious to see if there are any other Korean players on Dofus.

Although I live in the states, I was born in Kunsan, lived in Hanam Village for a few years; that is the air-force base located in Seoul. Mom is Korean, dad is American.
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The original thread can be found on Imps Village.

I've always wanted to create a dofus in Cinema4d. You may download the full version and set it as a wallpaper if you'd like.

New Dofus-based Windows wallpapers!
Full image here.

Full image here.

Full image here.

Full image here.

Windows 7 Wallpaper - Full image here.

Windows Vista Wallpaper - Full image here.

Windows XP Wallpaper - Full image here.

Line-up for my next creations...